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Author Topic: God's Inspirational Essence Fellowship Forums Registratio...  (Read 7062 times)
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« on: July 01, 2007, 10:41:11 PM »

Welcome to God's Inspirational Essence Fellowship Forums...


God's Inspirational Essence Forums come together to fellowship as members of the Body of Christ, the Son of God, we Worship Him in "Spirit and Truth".

I would like to welcome you to God's Inspirational Essence Fellowship Forums a place to share with others the Word of God in Spirit and Truth. Here we will move with His Holy Spirit, not to quench the Gift that comforts, teaches, and moves as a Gentle Breeze flowing from the Throne of God to enlighten the Elect of God. This is a Place for the Called of God to come and grow in the comfort and peace with others who Seek, Knock and Ask for that Wisdom and Knowledge that comes from God that which the carnal man can not receive. For it is a Gift from God. His Grace is a Gift and through Faith, we now believe we are saved by Grace through "Faith" by Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He is the Only begotten Son of God, the Spiritual Man risen to be seated beside the Father on His right side then sending the promised Gift the Holy Spirit to Guide, Comfort and teach us all things in Spirit and Truth.

Some writings may be Prophetic or Warnings as watchmen on the Wall to warm those who have the wisdom to understand, discern and move on the warnings given according to the Spirit of the Lord speaking through those who are "inspired" by the Lord of Glory. This is not to say that every prophetic  warning written may be "Inspired by God" those who are reborn into the body of Christ and have the Holy Spirit that dwells within His temple are given the a measure of Faith, Wisdom and Knowledge to understand and discern the fruit that comes forth from others; and the written words that are claimed as prophetic in the warnings issued by the one writing in faith and inspiration as they are moved by His Spirit of Truth.

Please understand that this Forum involves "real people" behind the very keyboard that we are typing our posts with. They have feeling and are human beings and in this we would ask you to have courtesy to those whom you can not see "face to face".  Many may be from other Countries, Nations, Languages, Color, Race, Religions. Many may be in the Valley of Decision and seeking guidance, which this Forum is designed for and by Inspiration from the Holy Spirit. This forum is intended to spread the Word of God through "Spirit and Truth" around the World in these Last Days. Our other websites are http://www.csfar.com, http://www.jesusworldwide.com,  http://www.jesusworldwide.org,  http://www.jesusworldwide.net

The Organizer and steward of these forums confesses that Jesus Christ is the Son of God come in flesh and has ascended to the Father in Heaven, The I AM, The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Creator of all things in Heaven and Earth. Also that We are saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son and ?Not by works? alone.

This Forum will allow the Flow of the Gentle Breeze of the Holy Spirit in all threads in defense of the Everlasting Gospel for Christ the Cornerstone of the Kingdom of God. This Forums function is to serve as a place to come and fellowship as the Body of Christ over the entire Earth, Worldwide by the Will of God. As a place for God's Calling of His Elect to come and share ?Faith. Hope and Charity?, Peace, Joy, Love, Fellowship, Spiritual needs, Friendship, Guidance. The Holy Spirit by the Grace of God, Inspiration and Salvation through Jesus Christ the Lamb of God that was Crucified on the Cross and Rose again on the Third day, has ascended to Heaven and now Sits on the Right hand of God the Father on the Heavenly Throne.

This Forum is also intended to be a place of sanctuary for those  Seeking, Knocking and Asking God for Wisdom, Knowledge and Guidance through Jesus Christ. It will also be a Sanctuary place for those in the Valley of Decision, fallen away, in bondage of strongholds in the flesh and want to be free from those strongholds and from the man made religions of the World. But within this forum we ask Our God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in peace to bind any evil or familiar spirits that may try to attack this forum, that may have crept in unaware; and allow the free movement of His Holy Spirit in Truth through Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory and the Cornerstone of His Church. For in this Forum is His Church the Bride of Christ, Born again believers, the Elect, Called of God according to His Purpose may come together to fellowship in one accord bond together in His Love and Grace through Jesus Christ the  Lord. And He shall add to the Church Daily as many as shall be saved and called according to His purpose.

PLEASE NOTE: In this forum we all come together and "Him, Christ the Son of God stands in the Midst" and there is not to be division in His Body. Outside "God's Inspirational Essence Forums" the walls of this forum , some may have a place we go to fellowship, in a certain Town, City, Country, Nation and this is understood and we welcome you from around the world. In this forum we strive to be "One in Christ, undivided as His Church rooted together and grafted into the True Olive tree. For He is the Root and we are the branches, therefore let us bear Good Fruit together within His House.

We welcome you in Peace and Charity, so take off your sandals that we may wash one another?s feet in Charity.  We ask you to consider with all your heart, the seriousness of "God's Inspirational Essence Forums" and what it stands for in these Last Days. "One Body, One Lord, One God, who is above all, in all, and through all in Jesus Christ the Lord.

For Our Living God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, Eternal Life, and eternal punishment are as real as you are now reading this statement of Faith in Him and Who we stand for in "Spirit and Truth". Yet, you are Free to Chose whom you will serve this day. We plant and water, but God gives the increase.

May God reveal to you His Calling, Wisdom and Knowledge in "Spirit and Truth". God bless you and your house unto the day of Salvation and the coming return of Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! The Day is at Hand, the Lord Cometh Quickly, the Harvest is Ready. Choose this day whom you will serve. Will He return today or tomorrow we do not know. Will you be ready in your Heart, in Faith, in Spirit; only God and you know the answer.

We look forward to your registration so you may share with us posting and sharing with us the Word of God within the this forum and place of fellowship of the Body of Christ Jesus the Lord. To bring edification and Glory the Lord of Our Salvation as the days draw closer to the Glory and Brightness of His Coming.

Thank you for visiting this place of Fellowship. It has been in the making since 1999 and inspired by the Will of God in His time appointed. This is His Forum a place for the fellowship of the of the Elect of God. And for those who may be looking for a place of rest from the deception world religions. In Here there is no religion, but Christ Jesus the Son of God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Living God the I AM the creator of Heaven and Earth. The one who gives us the Breath of Life daily to all living creatures. The One who put within us His Image our very Soul, our inner most being! Jesus Christ is the Foundation of His Church. He is the Cornerstone and we are to build upon that Cornerstone and the Foundation that has been laid by the Apostles of Christ. We now have entered into their Labor and are now building on His Church in the Last Days. He is now calling those that have been in the wilderness and caves to come forth once again. Those who are Seeking to Worship Him in "Spirit and Truth" without blemish, undefiled by the divisions of this world and it's divisions caused by the Doctrines of men and not that of the Son of God and His Church!

And the most precious Gift He has given us is Grace, Eternal Life through Jesus Christ His Son who was crucified on the Cross once and for all who call upon His name.

And please feel free to stay as long as you wish. For this place is ours to fellowship until His Glorious Return to take His Church Home.

Now to God and the Lord Jesus Christ the Hope of Our Salvation be all the Praise, Glory and Honor now and Forever, Amen!

 Group Prayer

Again Welcome!

If you desire you may register and many other doors will open up to learn the Deep Things of God and His Wisdom to the Elect and Called according to His purpose.
PLEASE NOTE: Any registrations accounts that contain advertizing, links and posts for worldly gain and lusts of the flesh will be deleted immediately.

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« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2011, 07:55:50 AM »

Sorry Due to Multiple Spammer attacks we have closed the registration for a period of time and registration is disabled.

If your wish to register please Send an Email to feedback@jesusworldwide.com we will personally review your registration request.

Seek and Ye shall Find, Knock and it shall be Opened, Ask and it shall be Given!  Reading 01

Thank you and May God bless your journey on the straight path to the Kingdom of Heaven!
Group Prayer

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