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Author Topic: Praise Lord Jesus Christ for His Anointing Word and His amen  (Read 4558 times)
Serenity Grace
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« on: October 25, 2007, 10:32:17 AM »

"Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it." 1 Thess 5:24

Praise Lord Jesus Christ for His anointing word and His amen, His true and faithful witness.

Yesterday while I was out shopping, three more women, have been anointed into His Kingdom, His Kingdom ministery and workings and Having Him fulfill His eternal promise within their lives. Yesterday, it was beautiful to witness Christ move and bring forth His beautiful fruit of heavenly patience, sowing into His garden, and give His compass, His direction and purpose out to His daughters.

His anointing was well received by the three women, that were working within the three shops that we have been going in to, and it brings tears to your eyes and touches your heart when you become a part of Him not only bringng forth His Kingdom, but truly making full use of His daughters, that have been underuterlised and anointing them to meet not only their need, but also the needs of others, and the needs of His people to work with Him wherever He sends them and places them.

Yesterday, part of what has been sown into, is the prophetic intercession, for cancer, and the problems relating to the loss of lives, loss for many families, the children that have also been affected that have parents with cancer, the loss of hair - loss of covering, loss of glory, loss of life, and restoring these back, and bringing forth restoration, and His eternal health for His remission work. Bringing forth His healing the move of Him, but also bringing forth His support and Kingdom ministery and bringing forth His Kingdom people to share in His work for this region. Praise Lord Jesus Christ.

Part of also what He revealed the move of Him through Papua New Guienea and through to the people that He will touch in that nation but also region, which will flow forth through to the pacific and beyond, and bring forth the much needed patience and longsuffering, into our nation, but also into the body of Christ and into His ministery and into this earth. And also bringing forth His quickening, along with His depth of Heart, mind and soul, and Him bringing forth the last great wave, move of Christ, Praise Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

The beautiful workings Of His three fold was a blessing to be a part of. But also that He is answering our prayers of raising His Kingdom people up Here and bringing them into His ministery. This area has been part of the forgotten in our nation, but the forgotten in going out and about doing His ministery. For years we saw our fields not being tended nor were a lot of His people preparing for His harvest, nor was it in the hearts of a lot of evangelists to go forth and evangelise in this region, so my son and I took on the challenge, and we saw and have witness Him do amazing things, while bringing forth His deliverance ministery. He has answered very much needed prayers. We saw a section of community, that were not being ministered to but have been forgotten. But He didn't forget. He told me when we join Him in meeting the needs of others, our needs will be met. So we did, and as we followed what He gave to us to do, we not only saw Him prepare, clean out our region, but also clear out paths and other nations, right into the beyond of this universe, and into the deepest parts of the oceans and this earth and move through out this globe, His clean sweep all while moving in our lives and meeting our needs.  And now we see Him also bringing forth His redeemed Kingdom saints, and into His overcoming victory, and going through their battle, that they will join Him, in His overcoming and finished and complete victory. Praise Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

What also He is doing, there was a very crooked tree in the midst of one major town in our region, He told me it was crooked because of perversity and He also told me He will straighten that crooked and leaning tree. And true to His word, the tree is now half straight and half crooked and is straightening. And it is a beautiful witness of His sign that He can straighten out the most perverse and crooked life, no matter how ingrained, or solid it appears, He can not only move mountains, He can straighten trees. Where this tree is, is right in the centre of this town.

And so we are rejoicing in Him, because He did this for us, but also is bringing His people forth to replace us in this region and fields, so we can move on. We can then move down to our new place, and Him fulfilling our ministery's Kingdom vision. Last night also while watching a bible society dvd of the different works undertaking, He knew that I would love to go, He showed me the importance of raising up His Kingdom anointed and joining in preparing them so our Kingdom anointed can be raised and go forth into these problem areas the amazing move and workings of Him.   

And now after a few years, He is not only sending people out into our fields to join in the harvest, He is raising up His people, giving them His purpose, direction and sharing in His anointing. And it is wonderful being part of His raising and rising ministery, but we are also looking forward to moving into our new place. The place we will not only be able to have a wonderful sanctuary, and resting place for our family to come into, but also where we can meet the challenge of taking on our government, and the capital of our nation, they need Lord Jesus Christ's light of His life down there, and we really need His good government and governing body. The call has gone out and He is answering, praise Lord Jesus Christ, amen.     

Advancing Christ's Kingdom,

Mother Serenity Grace
Homeheart Ministeries
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love. John 14:20-1
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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2010, 11:26:38 AM »

HI Tessie

What great news to hear from you. Keep on trust God will heal you
very soon. You can see chnagement from HIM.

 Praise the Lord 
Thanks to the Lord every time. 

Can you see how Hurricane stops all of sudden They expect
Houston and other parts of America, All of us
Prayers answered. So many like us Pray for them and their nations.
I heard in news ?no death reported.? What a Miracle to
hear like this, these are all under HIS hand. I hope hisgirl also saved
by Grace of God.

Bless you All.
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IXOYE5 - Forum Steward (administrator)
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« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2010, 03:02:31 AM »

Thank you for your prayers.... tineunjughLig

I also pray the Lord shall find your house with His Grace and blessings!

 Group Prayer
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